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Highmark retains the right to review and update its medical policy guidelines at its sole discretion. These guidelines are the proprietary information of Highmark. Any sale, copying or dissemination of the medical policies is prohibited; however, limited copying of medical policies is. Highmark Health offers a full array of Medicare Advantage and Medigap supplement plans. The company has a long history of providing health benefits to millions of members while maintaining consistently strong product and service ratings. health care benefits. In addition to medical policies for our commercial products, Highmark also maintains medical policy guidelines for our Medicare Advantage products in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Medical policies may differ in our service areas based on state regulatory requirements. Highmark maintains medical policy guidelines for our Medicare Advantage products based on Nationa l and Local Coverage Determinations.Medicare. Advantage Medical Policy guidelines have been integrated into the claims processing system, allowing for costeffective claims processing and ensuring

Medicare Advantage Member Evidence of Coverage Booklets An Evidence of Coverage explains how members get their health care and drug coverage through Highmark's Plans. An Evidence of Coverage, together with a member's enrollment form, riders including optional supplemental benefit brochures, Annual Notice of Change ANOC, formulary, and amendments that we may send to them, is our.</plaintext> Medicare Advantage retains the right to review and update its medical policy guidelines at its sole discretion. These guidelines are the proprietary information of Medicare Advantage. Any sale, copying or dissemination of the medical policies is prohibited; however, limited copying of medical policies is permitted for individual use.</p> <p>Medicare Advantage Medical Policy can be accessed from the Provider Resource Center by selecting CLAIMS, PAYMENT AND REIMBURSEMENT, and then Medical Policy. Although the Highmark Provider Manual’s Chapter 2, Unit 5 on Telemedicine Services will no longer. Highmark West Virginia's medical policy guidelines address both clinical and claim payment reimbursement issues. These guidelines address hundreds of medical issues, including diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, injectable drugs, and durable medical equipment. Highmark Blue Shield also provides services in conjunction with Independence Blue Cross in southeastern Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, Highmark Blue Cross sells individual Medicare Advantage insurance plans to all Medicare recipients regardless of their medical history. Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage Freedom Blue PPO members Here you will find the Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage NOMNC form that skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and CORFs must deliver to Medicare Advantage patients no later than two days before services will end. This policy is designed to address medical guidelines that are appropriate for the majority of individuals with a particular disease, illness, or condition. 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